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My name is Paula, I'm 21 and i live in Spain. I watch a lot of TV show, i love talk and one of my passions is phootgrphy. My favorite otp is Klaroline

What I watch

The Vampire Diaries S5
The Originals S1
Vikings S1
Teen Wolf S4
Once Upon a Time S1
Game of Thrones S4


Instagram If you have any request about gif sets/fanart, please tell me

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The Fault in Our Stars
Sweet Kisses from Russia
New Imagen

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In here, you'll find a lot of Klaroline, TVD, TO, OUAT, TW, Arrow, GOT, and many other TV Shows. Also a lot of movies. Multifandom

Caroline Fashion Week

Day 6 -Summer Style

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favorite people: Crystal Reed

"I’m not interested in fame at all. I don’t care if people know who I am or if I make a ton of money, I just love my work so much."


My life

Tomorrow I’m going to my best friend sister’s wedding, I’m so so excited. I’m promise to post some photos!!!

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Caroline Fashion Week

Day 5 -Winter Style

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King Niklaus and Queen Caroline in the 16th century.

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stydies replay to your post: “Yes, that. My keyboard have self-correcting”

haha, it’s fine so does mine. so you don’t understand how to make a queue?

Sometimes I want to kill it haha I understand how to put post on queue but I don’t get the “time” thing, I mean when this post is publish


Tyler Posey in the Jungle (x)

stydies replay to your post:”Any caring soul who help me understand queque?”

do you mean queue?

Yes, that. My keyboard have self-correcting, so sometimes makes fun of me

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Any caring soul who help me understand queque?

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