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My name is Paula, I'm 21 and i live in Spain. I watch a lot of TV show, i love talk and one of my passions is phootgrphy. My favorite otp is Klaroline

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The Vampire Diaries S5
The Originals S1
Vikings S1
Teen Wolf S4
Once Upon a Time S1
Game of Thrones S4


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The Fault in Our Stars
Sweet Kisses from Russia
New Imagen

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In here, you'll find a lot of Klaroline, TVD, TO, OUAT, TW, Arrow, GOT, and many other TV Shows. Also a lot of movies. Multifandom


Keeping up with the Mikaelsons
[AU] Caroline talks about her latest memorable vacation in New Orleans.


Klaroline moments
↳ Into The Wild, 4.13


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  1. The condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.
  2. Her.

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Klaroline  +  h o r r o r  =Oblivion

Klaus Mikaelson finds out he has been living a lie for thirty years when his real father dies, leaving to his only son all his wealth. Little he knows about the secrets that his biological father’s house hides. Caroline Forbes is just one of the many souls that haunt the place.

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and if you were to ask me,
after all that we’ve been through,
if i still believe in magic;
well yes i do (of course i do)

Apparently someone hacked in and is having a grand time on my twitter page. I’d be mad if I wasn’t still giggling at #smashedweiner

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